Send a Transaction

To send a transaction using the provided code, follow these steps:

Choose the Adapter: Choose the appropriate adapter based on your scenario. The adapterName variable should be set to the desired adapter's name, such as "MetaMask," "Trust," "BitKeep," or any other supported wallet.

// Choose your adapter based on the scenario (e.g., MetaMask, Trust, BitKeep)
val adapterName = 
val adapter = ParticleConnect.getAdapters().first { == adapterName

Prepare Transaction Data: Refer to the Transaction Construction Guide . It can be in the form of a hex string for EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) transactions or a Base58 string for Solana transactions.

val trans ="Replace this with the constructed transaction data (hex for EVM or Base58 for Solana)"

Get Wallet Address: Obtain the wallet address after the user has logged in.

val address = "Replace this with the wallet address obtained after login"

Sign and Send Transaction: Use the obtained adapter to sign and send the transaction.

adapter!!.signAndSendTransaction(address, trans, object : TransactionCallback {
    override fun onError(error: ConnectError) {
        // Handle transaction sending error
        // This block will be executed if there is an error sending the transaction

    override fun onTransaction(transactionId: String?) {
        // Handle successful transaction
        // This block will be executed if the transaction is sent successfully
  • The signAndSendTransaction method takes the wallet address, transaction data, and a callback for handling errors and successful transactions.

  • If an error occurs during the transaction, the onError method will be called, and if the transaction is successful, the onTransaction method will be called with the transaction ID.

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