Customize your login experience by selecting colors, fonts, and more.
You can customize your Auth UI (Light Mode/Dark Mode) and Code Email in Dashboard.

Auth UI

Including the UI for Login and Verification
Branding - Login

Full Mode / Form Mode

Full Mode will display complete brand and more login methods.
Form Mode will only support email login, and show a more concise UI.
Full Mode / Form Mode

Light Mode / Dark Mode

Light Mode / Dark Mode will be switched according to the user system.
In the two modes, colors and logos need to be set separately; Fonts, Borders and Texts are universal.
Light Mode / Dark Mode


You can set the style of verification code mail, including its logo and project name in the title.
Branding - Email

Save and Publish

Click ”Save and Publish“ to save all settings and update the online Auth UI in real time.


After clicking, all styles will be reset to the original style.