Unity 2020.3.26f1 or later

Require unity package:

3D WebView for Windows and macOS (Web Browser), version 4.3.3

If you are familiar with web browser in windows platform, you can use other web browser instead.


Install add desktop package to your project

Auth Service

Try our demo for more use cases.

In unity editor

create a GameObject and attach ParticleSystem Script, then attach a CanvasWebViewPrefab to ParticleSystem Script


call ParticleSystem.Instance.Init

It request 5 parameters:

  • config: Json string, required project id, client key and appId, could have more parameters, for more details, click here

  • there: Json string, could be empty, it works for custom web wallet ui, for more details, click here

  • language: support en-US, zh-CN, zh-TW, ja-JP, ko-KR

  • chainName and chainId: support EVM chains and Solana, take a look ChainId And ChainName Configs

// here is a simple example, and we support more parameters
var config = new ParticleConfig();
config.ProjectId = "7fa3e77f-9d07-4417-8e45-01560fef0eab";
config.ClientKey = "cRX26iCgKipWu6scQi6R8qWaP903EF3YsL3bxIym";
config.AppId = "4ca94b0e-74b9-4a5b-aad3-72ee1ed84793";

var theme = new ParticleTheme();
theme.UiMode = "dark";
theme.DisplayWallet = true;
theme.DisplayCloseButton = true;
string language = "en";
string chainName = "Ethereum";
long chainId = 5;

/// Init method request 5 parameters
/// config: Json string, required project id, client key and appId, could have more parameters, for more details, click here

ParticleSystem.Instance.Init(config.ToString(), theme.ToString(), language, chainName, chainId);


// preferredAuthType: support email, phone and jwt.
// account: required when jwt.
var loginResult = await ParticleSystem.Instance.Login(PreferredAuthType.email, "");
Debug.Log($"Login result {loginResult}");


// In evm, request plain text, like "hello world", in solana, request base58 string.
var signMessageResult = await ParticleSystem.Instance.SignMessage("hello world");
Debug.Log($"SignMessage result {signMessageResult}");


// make a test transaction,
// you need to update it parameters before trying.
var transaction = ParticleSystem.Instance.MakeEvmTransaction("0x16380a03f21e5a5e339c15ba8ebe581d194e0db3", "0xA719d8C4C94C1a877289083150f8AB96AD0C6aa1", "0x",
var signMessageResult = await ParticleSystem.Instance.SignAndSendTransaction(transaction);
Debug.Log($"SignAndSendTransaction result {signMessageResult}");


// only support evm
// pass your typedDataV4 here.
string typedDataV4 = "";
var signMessageResult = await ParticleSystem.Instance.SignTypedData(typedDataV4, SignTypedDataVersion.Default);
Debug.Log($"SignTypedData result {signMessageResult}");


// only support solana
// pass your solana transaction here, request base58 string.
string transaction = "";
var signMessageResult = await ParticleSystem.Instance.SignTransaction(transaction);
Debug.Log($"SignTransaction result {signMessageResult}");


// only support solana
// pass your solana transactions here, request base58 string list.
List<string> transactions = new List<string> { "" };
var signMessageResult = await ParticleSystem.Instance.SignAllTransactions(transactions);
Debug.Log($"SignAllTransactions result {signMessageResult}");

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