How to use WalletService

Before using WalletService, ensure successful integration of Social Login or Wallet Connect.

Gradle Dependencies:

dependencies {
    // Required
    modules {
        module("org.bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk15to18") {
    // Wallet-service includes connect-auth-adapter and connect-wallet-connect-adapter by default,
    // so there is no need to include them again

Manifest Configuration:

Add android:fullBackupContent="@xml/pn_backup_rules" in the application element.

    xmlns:tools=""  //add this line 



 * supportChains is optional, if not provided, all chains will be supported
 * if provided, only the chains in the list will be supported.
 * Only the main chain is required; if you want to support the devnet, 
 * you can call showTestNetworks() to display the devnet networks.
val supportChains = mutableListOf<ChainInfo>(
    ChainInfo.BNBChain, ChainInfo.Ethereum
ParticleWallet.init(application, supportChains).apply {
    setShowTestNetworkSetting(true) // Default is false
    setShowManageWalletSetting(true) // Default is true
    hideMainBackIcon() // Hide the back icon in the main page
    setShowAppearanceSetting(true) // Default is true
    setShowLanguageSetting(true) // Default is true
    setSupportDappBrowser(true) // Default is true

Setting Wallet Information:

After successfully logging in with Social Login or Wallet Connect, use the following code to set wallet information:

val adapter = ParticleConnect.getAdapters().first { == }
adapter.connect(null, object : ConnectCallback {
    override fun onConnected(account: Account) {
        lifecycleScope.launch {
            ParticleWallet.setWallet(account.publicAddress, adapter)

    override fun onError(error: ConnectError) {
        // Handle connection error

Open Wallet:

Open Send Interface:

Open Receive Interface:

Open Swap:


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