🎯Quickstart Guide

Integrate Particle products to your dApp within minutes

Getting Started With Particle Network

  1. 💡 Create a project & configure your Android/iOS/Web app

  2. Learn our Smart Wallet-as-a-Service

Create a Project

You must create a project to be able to access Particle Network's products.

If you only need our node services, skip the next step and use your Project ID and Server Key to call on our Node RPCs.

If you only need our NFT services, skip the next step and use your Project ID and Server Key to call on our NFT RPCs and IPFS API.

👉 Click to see how to create a project in the Particle Dashboard

Configure Android/iOS/Web App

You must configure your Android/iOS/Web app to access Particle Network's auth and wallet services.

👉 Click to see how to configure your apps

Integrate SDKs

  1. Integrate our Smart Wallet-as-a-Service

    1. Use our auth services to onboard web2 users using Email, Phone, Social Accounts in seconds which will create a seamless and seedless user experience;

    2. User our connect services to onboard both web2 and web3 users;

    3. Use our wallet services to install a fully functional, powerful wallet into your dApp with a one-line-code;

    4. User our aa stack to enable the capability of Smart Account

  2. Other Services

    1. Use our node services to interact with on-chain data and send different transactions to the network by utilizing API-provided endpoints;

    2. Use our nft services to implement the in-app nft marketplace.

Enjoy BUIDL!

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And don't forget to follow our Github, where we will release more demos for you to develop faster.

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