Add Wallet Service to Your Android Project


Make sure that your project meets the following requirements:

  • Targets API Level 23 (Marshmallow) or higher

  • Uses Android 6.0 or higher

Create a Particle Project and App

Before you can add Wallet Service to your Android app, you need to create a Particle project to connect to your Android app. Visit Particle Dashboard to learn more about Particle projects and apps.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Sign up/log in and create your project now

Add the Wallet Service SDK to your app

Declare them in your module (app-level) Gradle file (usually app/build.gradle).

repositories {
    maven { setUrl("") }

dependencies {
    modules {
        module("org.bouncycastle:bcprov-jdk15to18") {
    // pick one of two, 
    implementation 'network.particle:connect-auth-adapter:{latest-version}'
    //implementation 'network.particle:connect-auth-core-adapter:{latest-version}'
    // Particle Wallet Core Api
    // Particle Wallet GUI, you can remove it if custom GUI.
    //find the latest version of the sdk:

The Wallet Service can only be used after a successful log-in with Connect Service.

Wallet Service depends on Connect Service, you must import Connect Service.

If you want to receive release updates, subscribe to our GitHub repository.

Wallet Core Reference

Initialize the SDK

class App : Application() {
    override fun onCreate() {
        //init Particle SDK for solana chain 
        ParticleNetwork.init(this, Env.DEV, ChainInfo.Ethereum)
        //init wallet service
         *  supportChains is optional, if not provided, all chains will be supported
         *  if provided, only the chains in the list will be supported,Only the main chain is required,
         *  if you want to support devnet, you can call showTestNetworks() to show the devnet networks
        val supportChains = mutableListOf(
        ParticleWallet.init(this,supportChains).apply {
            showTestNetworks() // show test networks,default is hide
            hideManageWallet() // hide manage wallet item in setting page,default is show

Solana Service

Get the real-time exchange rate of the Solana token

// call enhanced method: enhancedGetPrice
ParticleNetwork.solana.getPrice(addresses, currencies)

Get token list and NFT list by giving an address

// call enhanced method: enhancedGetTokensAndNFTs
//fetch from serverใ€save to db and return 
//get data from db only

Get parsed transaction history by giving an address

// call enhanced method: enhancedGetTransactionsByAddress
ParticleNetwork.solana.getTransactionsByAddress(address, optBody)
//get trans from db
ParticleNetwork.solana.getTransactionsByAddressFromDB(address, optBody)

Serialize unsigned transaction

// call enhanced method: enhancedSerializeTransaction
val output = ParticleNetwork.solana.serializeTransaction(txBody)

//send transaction with Particle Auth
        output.result.transaction.serialized, callback);

Get Token info list

// get solana chain all SPL token info

Access ๐Ÿ‘‰ any RPC

// such as getBalance

Add Custom Tokens

// publicKey is your user public publicKey
val publicKey = ParticleNetwork.getPublicKey()
// tokenAddresses is token contract address
val tokenList = listOf("Fm9rHUTF5v3hwMLbStjZXqNBBoZyGriQaFM6sTFz3K8A")
// if tokens are existed in blockchain, will return them.
// if no tokens existed in blockchain, will return empty list.
ParticleNetwork.solana.addCustomTokens(publicKey, tokenList)

EVM Service

Get the real-time exchange rate of the EVM token

val parmas1 = arrayListOf("native") 
val parmas2 = arrayListOf("usd") 
val rateResultList = ParticleNetwork.evm.getPrice(parmas1, parmas2)

Get token list and NFT list by giving an address

// call enhanced method: particle_getTokensAndNFTs
//fetch from serverใ€save to db  return result 
//get data from db only

Get parsed transaction history by giving an address

// call enhanced method: particle_getTransactionsByAddress
//get data from db only

Get suggested GasFees


Get Token info list

// get any EVM chain all token info

Access ๐Ÿ‘‰ any RPC

// such as eth_estimateGas
ParticleNetwork.evm.rpc("eth_estimateGas",listOf(mapOf("from" to "0xXXX...", "to" to "0xXXX...")))

Read Contract

// example for evm read contract
private suspend fun readContract() {

Write Contract

// example for evm write contract
// mint 1 NFT in kovan testnet, the from is sender address or user address in general.
// result is a transaciton string which presented in hex format.
private suspend fun writeContract() {
    val params = ContractParams.customAbiEncodeFunctionCall(
        contractAddress = "0xd000f000aa1f8accbd5815056ea32a54777b2fc4",
        methodName = "mint",
        params = listOf("1")

Add Custom Tokens

// address is your user public address
val address = ParticleNetwork.getAddress()
// tokenAddresses is token contract address
val tokenList = listOf("Fm9rHUTF5v3hwMLbStjZXqNBBoZyGriQaFM6sTFz3K8A")
// if tokens are existed in blockchain, will return them.
// if no tokens existed in blockchain, will return empty list.
ParticleNetwork.evm.addCustomTokens(address, tokenList)

Serialize the data of any contract

ParticleNetwork.evm.abiEncodeFunctionCall(params: List<Any>)
ParticleNetwork.evm.abiEncodeFunctionCall(contractAddress: String,method: String,params: List<Any>,json: String = "")

//The above two methods work the same.
// 1. The first parameter is contract address
// 2. The second parameter is the name of the method to be called.
//    Currently, we support:'erc20_transfer'ใ€'erc20_approve'ใ€'erc20_transferFrom'ใ€'erc721_safeTransferFrom'ใ€'erc1155_safeTransferrom'
//    or arbitrary method call: 'custom_{methodName}'
//    for example if you need to call mint method, then pass custom_mint as parameter
// 3. The third parameter is the parameter value array of the method to be called, which should correspond to the above method.
// 4. The fourth parameter is optional๏ผŒan ABI JOSN string
//    For erc20/721/1155 methods we support, this parameter is not needed
//    And if your contract is verified at the chain's scan website, this parameter is not needed

Serialize the data of stardard contracts

// call 'transfer(to, amount)' function in erc20
suspend fun erc20Transfer(){
    val contractAddress =""
    val to=""
    val amount:BigInteger = BigInteger.valueOf(1111)
// call 'approve(spender, amount)' function in erc20 
suspend fun erc20Approve() {
    val contractAddress = ""
    val spender = ""
    val amount = BigInteger.valueOf(1111)
    val result: ResponseBody =
        ParticleNetwork.evm.erc20Approve(contractAddress, spender, amount)
// call 'transferFrom(from, to, amount)' function in erc20
suspend fun erc20TransferFrom() {
    val contractAddress = ""
    val from = ""
    val to = ""
    val amount = BigInteger.valueOf(1111)
    val result: ResponseBody =
        ParticleNetwork.evm.erc20TransferFrom(contractAddress, from, to, amount)
// call 'safeTransferFrom(from, to, tokenId)' function in erc721
suspend fun erc721SafeTransferFrom() {
    val contractAddress = ""
    val from = ""
    val to = ""
    val tokenId = ""
    val result: ResponseBody =
        ParticleNetwork.evm.erc721SafeTransferFrom(contractAddress, from, to, tokenId)
// call 'safeTransferFrom(from, to, id, amount, data)' function in erc1155
suspend fun erc1155SafeTransferFrom() {
    val contractAddress = ""
    val from = ""
    val to = ""
    val id = ""
    val amount = BigInteger.valueOf(1111)
    val data: String;
    ParticleNetwork.evm.erc1155SafeTransferFrom(contractAddress, from, to, id, amount, data)

Create Transaction

 * from: sender address.
 * to: receiver address or contract address.
 * value: (optional) hex of the value sent with this transaction.
 * contractParams: (optional) call contract function params.
 * type: default value "0x2"(EIP1559), "0x1"(EIP2930), "0x0"(Legacy)
 * nonce: default value "0x0", particle auth manage nonce without cancel or speed transaction.
 * gasFeeLevel: default value TransGasFeeMode.medium, transaction gas fee level.
 * action: detault TxAction.normal. if you cancel/speed tracsaction, set the vaule.
 * abiEncodeData: the abi_encodeFunctionCall result, default value is null.
val tx = ParticleNetwork.evm.createTransaction(from, to, value, contractParams,
     type, nonce, gasFeeLevel, action,abiEncodeData)

//send transaction with particle auth
ParticleNetwork.signAndSendTransaction(activity, tx.serialize(), callback)

you can call contract function by set contractParams:

  • ContractParams.erc20Transfer()

  • ContractParams.erc20Approve()

  • ContractParams.erc20TransferFrom()

  • ContractParams.erc721SafeTransferFrom()

  • ContractParams.erc1155SafeTransferFrom()

  • ContractParams.customAbiEncodeFunctionCall()

Read Contract

// create tx data
val tx = TxData(null, "0x0", null, from, to ,null, data, ParticleNetwork.chainId.toHexString())

//Integer block number, or the string 'latest', 'earliest' or 'pending'
val quantity = "latest"
//call eth_call rpc
val output = ParticleNetwork.evm.rpc("eth_call", listOf(tx, quantity))

Wallet UI Reference

Set pay feature, default support pay feature.

// You can disable pay feature in UI, default is true.

Custom Wallet UI

Control show or hide test network, manage wallet page, support chain.

Because ParticleWalletGUI dependent on Particle Connect, Particle Connect initialize chain will add to support chain automatically.

// show or hide test network, default is false.

// show or hide manage wallet page.

// support chain, Particle Connect initialize chain will add as a support chain automatically.
// default support all chains in Particle Network base

//You can initialize the above configuration with a single statement
    ).apply {
      setShowTestNetworkSetting(true) //default is false
      setShowManageWalletSetting(true) // default is true
      hideMainBackIcon() // hide the back icon in the main page
      setShowAppearanceSetting(true) //default is true
      setShowLanguageSetting(true) //default is true
      setSupportDappBrowser(true) //default is true
      setWalletIcon("") //set the wallet icon
//set Wallet Name,only support ParticleConnectAdapter after connect success
val yourWalletName ="X Wallet"
val wallet = WalletInfo.createWallet(

// Set your custom localizable string
// Overlay strings.xml 
Reassign a value
<string name="pn_network_fee">new NetworkFee</string>
<string name="pn_particle_auth_wallet">New Wallet</string>

Open Wallet

navigation()can add parameters

Open Send Token

//open send spl token
val params = WalletSendParams(tokenAddress, toAddress?, toAmount?), params).navigation()

//open send default token by chain name

WalletSendParam has three parameters:

  1. tokenAddress: token mint address

  2. toAddress: receiver address (optional)

  3. toAmount: send token amount, token minimum unit (optional)

Open Receive Token

Display your address QRCode.

Open Transaction Records

//open spl token transaction records
val params = TokenTransactionRecordsParams(tokenAddress), params).navigation()

//open default token transaction records by chain name

Open NFT Details

var params = NftDetailParams("nftMint"), params).navigation()

Open Buy Crypto

// // open buy crypto with parameters
// every parameter is optional
    walletAddress: String? = null,//nullable,default is current wallet address
    amount: Int? = null, //1000
    fiatCoin: String = "usd", 
    cryptoCoin: String = "eth",
    fixFiatCoin: Boolean = false,
    fixFiatAmt: Boolean = false,
    fixCryptoCoin: Boolean = false,
    theme: String = "light",  // light or dark
    language: String = "en-us", //en-usใ€ko-krใ€zh-cnใ€zh-twใ€ja-jp
    chainName: String? = null // ChainInfo.Ethereum.nameใ€ ... , nullable,default

Open Swap

// open default swap page

// open swap page with from token, to token, and uiAmount, all parameters is optional.
val swapConfig = SwapConfig(

Open Bridge


Open dapp browser page


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