SSO for Web3


Modular wallet adapters and components for EVM & Solana chains. Manage wallet and custom RPC requests.

1. Simple Onboarding

Web2 Methods: Email, Phone & Social Providers: Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Microsoft, Linkedin, Github, Twitch, etc.

Web3 Wallets: Support ETH wallets and Solana wallets

ETH Wallets: MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust, ImToken, BitKeep & WalletConnect V1, etc

Solana Wallets: Phantom (more wallets are under supporting)

Generate Or Import: Private Key/Seed Phase

  • It is strongly discouraged to use private key or mnemonic import/generate function, if you use it, you need to secure the data yourself, Particle's SDK has no relationship with the imported/generated mnemonic or private key.

2. Secure Transaction & Wallet Management

Smart nonce management

Secure Data Design

3. Multi-Chain

Solana and almost all EVM chains are supported. 👉 Available Network

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