๐Ÿ’ŽNFT Service

Create, manage and distribute NFTs in your dApp

What is Particle NFT Service๏ผŸ

Particle NFT Service provides SDKs and APIs for developers can quickly and securely build NFT-related functions into your dApp, supporting various functions such as casting, managing, and operating NFTs. At the same time, an NFT marketplace can be built quickly to support a variety of sales forms, meeting the launch and transaction needs of various NFT projects.

One-stop NFT Service solution

The Particle NFT service supports the NFT minting from a variety of file types; it also has the ability to support batch minting. During mint, NFTs will be marked with different attributes and rarity levels.

You can also build your own tools with our APIs. We're happy to feature what you've built here.

Advantages of using Particle MarketPlace API?

  • Accessible in minutes: call on the Particle NFT service API to easily integrate marketplace functionalities into your dApp

  • Seamless experience: users can easily buy and sell NFTs without leaving your dApp

  • Abundant sales forms: including one-off sales and bidding purchases; then, the gradual integration of sales offers, lotteries, as well as other purchasing methods

  • Multichain support: Solana, Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, and Avalanche are currently supported

  • Top-level security: Particle Network conducts security control over the entire process of users' withdrawal of NFTs, the transaction process, and NFT deposit to ensure the security of user assets, allowing developers to focus on dApp development

  • Analytics: collect data and user feedback regarding your NFT sales with just a few lines of code (currently in development)

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