What is Particle?

The Full-Stack Web3 Infrastructure
Particle Network is a full-stack, data-driven, and composable Web3 data and development platform. Our vision is to accelerate the world's transition into the cryptoverse. Using our powerful SDKs, developers can focus on creating great app experiences rather than the heavy lifting.


Connect Service

Particle Connect is the SSO for web3. We help you onboard both Web2 & Web3 users seamlessly, securely & user-friendly.

Auth Service

Particle Auth provides MPC (Multi-Party Computation)-based threshold signatures.
With threshold signatures, each party creates an independent key. They then forge the vault’s lock together in a modular way, in which each party shapes a part of the lock that corresponds to its key.
Our security is unlike any other auth/wallet service: it's better. Complex passwords and long seed phrases, browser extensions, and special hardware are no longer required for log-in. Instead, accounts are secured by industry-leading TSS implementation and KMS encryption.
With Particle Auth integrated into your dApp, users can log in within seconds. By removing seed phrases, we can increase conversion rates by up to 64% for both new and Web3.0 users.

Wallet Service

Particle Wallet provides a one-stop wallet solution, which is easy to use but powerful and safe.
We've included detailed designs in our wallet service to create the ultimate user experience. By integrating Particle Wallet with a one-line code, we help you provide users with token and NFT-related functions, transaction and payment processes, as well as other operations to deliver a first-class user experience.

Node Service

Particle Node provides a robust, secure, and highly available blockchain API.
Not only do we have JSON-RPC support, but also enhanced API. This allows you to receive transaction information and NFTs through addresses, obtain token prices, smartly encode/decode transactions, and more. Compared to other node services, you develop your dApp faster while also ensuring that it performs better.

NFT Service

Particle NFT provides a one-stop NFT Create, Manage, Distribute, and Marketplace solution.

Decentralized Storage

We support IPFS now, and more decentralized storage services are coming.

Account Abstraction

More Incoming Services

Data Service: Web3 BI system, deriving insights from real-time on- and off-chain data


We support Android, iOS, Web, Unity, Unreal, Flutter, React Native, and Cocos now. And other platforms' SDK are in development and will launch soon.

Available Networks

Currently, we support almost all EVM-compatible chains and the Solana chain. For details check this 👉​